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Adding a New Account

Users (email accounts) are managed in /tmp/docker-mailserver/ The best way to manage accounts is to use the reliable script. Or you may directly add the full email address and its encrypted password, separated by a pipe:|{SHA512-CRYPT}$6$2YpW1nYtPBs2yLYS$z.5PGH1OEzsHHNhl3gJrc3D.YMZkvKw/vp.r5WIiwya6z7P/CQ9GDEJDr2G2V0cAfjDFeAQPUoopsuWPXLk3u1|{SHA512-CRYPT}$6$2YpW1nYtPBs2yLYS$z.5PGH1OEzsHHNhl3gJrc3D.YMZkvKw/vp.r5WIiwya6z7P/CQ9GDEJDr2G2V0cAfjDFeAQPUoopsuWPXLk3u1

In the example above, we've added 2 mail accounts for 2 different domains. Consequently, the mail-server will automatically be configured for multi-domains. Therefore, to generate a new mail account data, directly from your docker host, you could for example run the following:

docker run --rm \
  -e \
  -e MAIL_PASS=mypassword \
  -it mailserver/docker-mailserver:latest \
  /bin/sh -c 'echo "$MAIL_USER|$(doveadm pw -s SHA512-CRYPT -u $MAIL_USER -p $MAIL_PASS)"' >> docker-data/dms/config/

You will then be asked for a password, and be given back the data for a new account entry, as text. To actually add this new account, just copy all the output text in docker-data/dms/config/ file of your running container.


doveadm pw command lets you choose between several encryption schemes for the password.

Use doveadm pw -l to get a list of the currently supported encryption schemes.


Changes to the accounts list require a restart of the container, using supervisord. See #552.


  • imap-quota is enabled and allow clients to query their mailbox usage.
  • When the mailbox is deleted, the quota directive is deleted as well.
  • Dovecot quotas support LDAP, but it's not implemented (PRs are welcome!).