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Welcome to the Extended Documentation for docker-mailserver!

Please first have a look at the to setup and configure this server.

This documentation provides you with advanced configuration, detailed examples, and hints.

Getting Started

  1. The script is supplied with this project. It supports you in configuring and administrating your server. Information on how to get it and how to use it is available on a dedicated page.
  2. Be aware that advanced tasks may still require tweaking environment variables, reading through documentation and sometimes inspecting your running container for debugging purposes. After all, a mail-server is a complex arrangement of various programs.
  3. A list of all configuration options is documented on the ENV page. The is a good starting point to understand what this image is capable of.
  4. A list of all optional and automatically created configuration files and directories is available on the dedicated page.


See the FAQ for some more tips!


If you'd like to change, patch or alter files or behavior of docker-mailserver, you can use a script. Just place a script called in your ./docker-data/dms/config/ folder volume and it will be run on container startup. See the 'Modifications via Script' pagefor additional documentation and an example.


We are always happy to welcome new contributors. For guidelines and entrypoints please have a look at the Contributing section.